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Soloviev and Maradona: propagandists split into two

I keep watching this video of him. I revise endlessly. 1989, Champions League (or whatever it was called before), Munich. There, in Munich, Napoli came to visit Bayern. Warm up before the match. At the stadium, they played such a popular hit Live is Life. Maradona heard the music, began to dance to it, took a ball, mints. And then he felt that the whole stadium was looking at him, only at him. And he began to play to the audience. He began to juggle with everything he could. He put the ball on his head and danced like that, and the ball was tied.

He, Maradona, just fell in love with such general attention. He jumped with the ball in untied boots and showed his unique art here and now. You know, at that moment we saw an absolutely happy person. If you want to understand what happiness is at this particular moment, moment (and it never lasts long), then turn on this video of Maradona – and you will understand everything.

About the departed Diego who just did not speak. Do you know who is the best of all the TV people? Vladimir Soloviev, however, he said this on his radio program. His words were some of the most sincere, all-understanding, memorial, but grateful. He, Soloviev, mourning Maradona, so recollected about the departed youth. Yes, we are all, exactly everything, from there, from 1986, even those who hate football. But these two goals of his to the English in the semifinals, so different, but very precisely making it clear who this man was for us! ..

Photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Why Soloviev? Because in this piercing epitaph of his, he again and again showed himself to be an unusually sensitive and deep person. Only I am always amazed: how this deep and sensitive person, at the snap of a finger, turns into some kind of soulless function, a doll that is pulled by the strings, and she utters the right words. When necessary, Soloviev looks up at the Sun, and never sees spots on it. Or (and this happens most often) he looks down at the enemies of this Sun, and wets them in full, so monotonous, stupid and absurd: “Fool, mediocrity, foreign agent …” This is how Vladimir Soloviev lives and works. Rather, this is how he lives and how he works.

I noticed a long time ago that practically all propagandists split up in this way. I remember when the great hockey coach Viktor Tikhonov died, Dmitry Kiselev, and not someone else, said the most accurate, sincere and correct words about him. And he did it exactly in his program. In the very one where he, like Soloviev, in the same way, overnight, turns into a puppet and … then you already know. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

These are people. Most of them are smart, good. Excellent family men, merciless to enemies … Oh, no, this is from another opera. God, where did I get myself? I just wanted to say what wonderful comrades they could be in all respects, and here again “Seventeen Moments of Spring” … No, we will not.

Eternal memory of Maradona. And thank him for everything.

Show “Nostalgia”

I suddenly realized that I love them all. Those whom I then, in the 90s, hated, despised, spat. And now I see, listen and love. “What will pass will be nice” – wrote Alexander Sergeevich.

Vlad Stashevsky, Bonya Titomir, Alisa Mon, Ira Shvedova, Volodya Levkin, Kolya Trubach, Tanya Ivanova from “Combination”, Katya Volkova, “tatushka” – what are you all good. Remember, KVN about Valery Leontiev: the star of the 80s, the idol of the 90s, and who is this 2000s? Here and there. Of course, they are not Leont’evs, but they all had their fifteen minutes of fame. Even years of glory. And then they all disappeared somewhere, disappeared.

“Superstar! The return “to NTV gave a light to all its competitors, but simply removed them, even the” Voice “no longer looks. This is done so brightly, beautifully, funny, intriguing, contradictory, as our whole life is contradictory. They have laid there an abyss of meanings, the main of which is nostalgia. It is nostalgia that beats everything now, pervades you. We all live in the past, our beautiful painted past, and the present day scares us.

And there are also human destinies. Take each of them, all these extraordinary ups and downs … But are they horrible? Why do we live with stereotypes, believing that you must always stay somewhere above, be in the center of events, and that millions of fans, fans carry you in their arms. Is this the meaning of life? Yes, they experienced unprecedented success, and I remember well how the girls wrote with happiness at the sight of Stashevsky. How Titomir was called the main symbol of the 90s, how this whole “Combination” with wonderful “pieces of sausage” lit up … And Kolya Trubach with Boris Moiseev – “Blue Moon”. Even those who hated pop music understood what time they lived in.

And then the roller coaster begins. For some, it’s a drama, even a tragedy: the producer’s leaving, a fatal illness … Or, like Titomir, to go all out, and then disentangle it all his life, pay off … But here they are, on stage, everyone looks so beautiful, so young. Is this really a second chance for them? Do they need him? Stashevsky is now a karate, businessman; Titomir is a shirt-guy, as always, without brakes; Shvedova is now a taxi driver; Alice Mon just looks great … So what, this is life – look, learn, listen. And understand them.

I remember the last Superstar, which was many years ago. How everyone saved the once so intelligent, sweet Misha Muromov with his “Apples in the Snow”, those still Soviet ones. Yes, Misha then broke down, could not stand it, and they rescued him, they did not want him to take off ahead of time. And Valechka Legkostupova – how beautiful she was in that show, how she showed herself …

This program is about us, about what happened to us and what has become. That everything in this life can happen to you, but falling, you will definitely get up, making an effort. You can, I know. And this is a program about our country, former and present.

And also … What legs Lolita has! How she lost weight perfectly! In general, Lolita, the host of this show, was born for television. And the mind, and beauty! And Vadik Takmenev was right there. And Seryoga Sosedov in the jury does not light up like a child. No, they made a great show for us. Just sit and watch.