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Honorary pensioner Alina Zagitova “squeezed” on TV

I look at this girl … Girl … I look and admire. Yes, it’s the pain of memories. Ah, what a woman! How she jumped, how dashingly she skated, how she won everything in the world … It was and passed.

The girl, girl, woman’s name is Alina Zagitova. She is 18 years old. She is an honorary pensioner or a pensioner of national importance. Everything is in the past for her. By these small years of hers, she won everything she could and should in figure skating … She would still skate and win, like all great champions; but Eteri Tutberidze has grown up fifteen-year-old thin, small chicks that jump higher and can do more turns than Zagitova. Alina fought, fought and left. She is now a sports veteran.

Together with another legend, Alexei Yagudin, Alina is leading the “Ice Age”. She still glides beautifully on the ice, but as a presenter … Yagudin has already become more experienced, relaxed, he is an absolutely television person: simple, natural, sweet and good to everyone. And Alina is so constricted, constrained, so you can see how she memorizes these short phrases-replicas …

For some reason, with Eteri, with the great Eteri, all her pupils are so squeezed in life. I remember how immediately after her brilliant Olympic victory, Yulia Lipnitskaya came to Vanya Urgant. The girl could not connect two words. The favorite of the whole world, Julia just broke down and left figure skating for nowhere, for good.

Now I look at Alina, and I really want to tell her: girl, don’t be afraid of anything. It’s scary at first, then it will pass. You have already proved everything, you have won everyone. Be as light, bright and spontaneous as you were in big sports in the light of Jupiters, when you jumped so dashingly on the highest first pedestal … As you listened to the anthem, the anthem of Russia, how proudly raised your head. How we admired you!

Now, at eighteen, you have a new life. So walk along it as dashingly, proudly, with your head held high. Please don’t pinch. You’re the best!

Like in the movies

The great director of the Russian land. No, I’m not stupid, in fact, a great director. Karen Shakhnazarov has shot many wonderful films, wonderful films, well, simply the best, and you know them. But now … What about him now?

Photo: AGN “Moscow”

We see a gray-haired noble man every evening at Vladimir Solovyov’s. He never leaves there. A thoroughbred, handsome man with dark glasses is a political scientist. And this is Karen Shakhnazarov, a great director. So he changed his profession and has a good time in the company of people he likes. He found himself a wonderful hobby, switched. He is deep, interesting, his opinion is expected. He drowns behind the Kremlin … But he thinks so! He is a very Soviet person in every sense of the word.

A still from the film “Poisons, or the World History of Poisoning”.

He had a wonderful dad who went through the war, who later became an adviser to Gorbachev. And dad was a Soviet man. He’s dad. He just enjoys analyzing events, making predictions, being an imperial. He is objective and does not seem to be biased. But Putin has to thank him … Moreover, now, during the Armenian-Azerbaijani massacre, the opinion of Karen, an Armenian in Baku on the Pope, is especially important.

But that’s not what I mean. Because an artist is, first of all, what he created, his work. He himself can say whatever he wants, and let him speak! But what he filmed is forever.

Now, among the many wonderful paintings by Shakhnazarov, I remember one – “Poisons, or the World History of Poisoning.” The film is grotesque, buffoonery, absurd, where Oleg Basilashvili is simply magnificent. But it’s about meaning. Whatever the director says now, he has already said everything, in fact. I predicted. All our current fuss around Litvinenko, Skripals, Navalny – she is there, in these Poisons.

… A handsome man in black glasses is standing, expressing deep intelligent thoughts. What for? He has already removed everything, said everything. Watch Shakhnazarov’s movie.

Not a word about music

Why talk about music if you can listen to it! If you can admire, feel, take off – and all this will be music.

Photo: Still from video

But if talking about music becomes music? If you get high in the same way, you come off when two people sit opposite each other, talk about music, and you feel good.

Irina Nikitina in the program “Enigma” (“Culture”) does this. Yes, it does not always work out, because the interlocutors are different. There are closed, introverts who get off with a couple of phrases. They don’t like to talk about music, they just play it, and then what are the words. But if the tuning fork matches, resonates and the great musicians of the world fall for Nikitina, swallow the bait, then the music appears in all its glory, in every possible sense. Then music seems to be bigger than life, the best part of it. You cannot strangle this music, you cannot kill it, it is in you and in me, you just need to be able to get it, to awaken to it. And then you will become rich in billions of new sensations, knowledge, you will feel such shades of love, such depths, heavenly breakthroughs. This is how you talk about music, or rather, listening to this conversation, you will admire and suffer, and there will be no end to it. This is exactly what Nikitina’s conversation with the great conductor and pianist Daniel Barenboim became.

It was a song, a symphony, a sonata! A conversation is like a separate piece of music, a heart-to-heart talk and for the soul. I am for such television!