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Belarusian opposition on Russian TV: there are few real violent

I saw how Artem Sheinin communicates via Skype with the Belarusian opposition on the Vremya Pokazhet program. I like it. No, I enjoyed it. He scored them completely. Than? Intelligence and ingenuity.

I have been following Sheinin for a long time. Don’t put a finger in his mouth, he will bite off. He worked in the Pozner program, so Vladimir Vladimirovich respects him. He fought in Afghanistan, dropped Michael Bohm (in a good way), and once brought a bucket of shit to the program, where it was written – “shit”. Together with his partner, he dressed up as a clown, spanked himself a big red nose, just to pinch the candidate for President of the Russian Federation Ksenia Sobchak, but he himself remained a pea jester. But in the program with Belarusians, he was handsome. Here he was a journalist, albeit a pro-Kremlin one, but the man returned to the profession at least for a while.

Only I was not thinking about him, but about the opposition, our first of all. There are few real violent ones, and they are not on our DH. Only velvet oppositionists, lured, funny, tested in all places are allowed there. Here comes the struggle of the Nanai boys, the good with the best.

The opposition huddles together in its wigwam, where it also has a monopoly on truth. All scattered to the plots. And if they are poisoned, as in the 90s? Believe it or not, this has already happened: in 2012, after the well-known reshuffle and mass protests on Bolotnaya and Sakharov, the Kremlin’s opponents were allowed into the box, everyone except Navalny. There was Nemtsov, Ryzhkov was, Udaltsov was … So what? But nothing. Someone was cut off a little, someone was baked himself, but the oppositionists, having received a federal platform, then lost outright to the Kremlin. Out of habit. Then the protests merged, and they decided to stop the experiment as unnecessary.

We believe that everything is controlled by the TV. That opponents of the authorities should not give precious ether, disturb the brains of the population. Otherwise, everything will collapse.

So if it collapses, what kind of system is this, what kind of power is this – a colossus with feet of clay? Although, in fact, freedom of speech is the main foundation of society.

More opinions, good and different. Let a hundred flowers bloom. And then all these talk shows can at least be watched. And smart presenters (they have not yet canceled their minds) will become more interesting. Isn’t it, Artyom?

Remembering Streltsov

Here are films about sports – they are simple as the truth. It is as if life or its imitation goes on in them. Everything is like everyone else: stormy youth-youth, love-carrots, mistakes-doubts. This is not the main point, it is a checkpoint. The people are waiting for the final apotheosis. Like in “Legend # 17” – the first match with the Canadians in the super series from 1972, where we lost 0: 2 and won 7: 3. Like the brilliant finale of the Munich Olympics, those same cherished three seconds (“Moving up”) that shook the world. As in the film “Coach” with Danila Kozlovsky, as in the film “Match” – about the very death match of Kiev “Dynamo” with the Nazis. Yes, we learned how to shoot a game like no other.

A still from the series “Sagittarius Constellation”.

The series “In the constellation of Sagittarius” is about Eduard Streltsov. A man who was compared to Pele. The great Soviet footballer accused of rape. He served almost five years, was excommunicated from football for all seven, but returned to his “Torpedo”, to the national team, who at the end of his career became twice the best player in the country. He died at 53 from lung cancer.

A naive, simple scenario. He’s a good, shirt-guy. Khrushchev is a tyrant, a psycho. Brezhnev is our man. Arkady Ivanovich Volsky is just a darling. Furtseva is a woman with a nose in the wind. Cops are bastards. KGB men are no longer animals, they just play their game.

Eduard Streltsov.

Everything is so clear on the surface. But why are you watching it so non-stop, in one breath, afraid to miss something? And you empathize for your hero, and tears in your eyes. Why are you looking so closely at these games on air, at reality shows, at reconstruction? Streltsov walks along the right edge, outlines one, second, third … Go-o-ol! And you jump up in your chair and scream like in a stadium.

Despite all this simplicity, which is worse than theft, there is a destiny, a riddle of this destiny; there is life, twisted, broken, but beautiful.

It is still not known whether he committed that crime or not. The film says that he was framed, that all this is the intrigue of the Minister of Internal Affairs, who so wanted Streltsov to play in Dynamo, and that in none. In the film, he is slandered innocently, he is a victim, one might say, a prisoner of conscience. And in fact…

I only regret that I was born late. That he did not see Streltsov’s play live, that he missed so much.

And more … It clearly shows how the system grinds a person like a fine grain of sand, you are dust under its feet, you are no longer there. No one is interested in whether you are a famous football player, Olympic champion, honored master of sports. Here, in the prison, in the zone, you are nobody, and there is no way to call you. The system will roll anyone under the carpet, bury anyone in the ground if it wants to. Really, Kokorin and Mamaev? Although you are not angels, you are still in luck. True, Ivan Golunov, miraculously released, got rid of a long-term prison for nothing. And how many more such Golunovs, closed, humiliated and insulted …

Remembering Eduard Streltsov, let’s remember this too.