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A film was shown on TV in which Efremov prophesied a term for himself

On NTV at three o’clock in the morning the film “At the bottom” was shown. In the main role, Mikhail Efremov.

Are you kidding me? Well, gracefully: in one word, the name nailed the person to the pillory. This is Gorky, transferred to our time. Indeed, “at the bottom”.

Maybe this is a real artist who will play a role in any situation. To such an extent as an artist that he completely removed, killed his immortal “I” and got used to someone else, hitherto unknown. “There is no longer any Efremov. I betrayed everyone. “

Efremov frantically played his last, extreme role in his trial. By all means to reach the very essence, to the bottom. Find, turn inside out in oneself everything that is hidden, to the last drop.

He played this role brilliantly, bravo! So brilliant that he even confused cinema with life, a game with death. So brilliantly that the court believed and gave the artist 8 years – real, not cinematic 8 years.

He turned out to be a blank slate, the dream of all directors. He trusted the director, becoming nothing himself. But the director turned out to be untalented, useless, in the end, lying. And what is the demand from an artist? They are children. Well, yes, that’s just a man killed. And ended up at the bottom.

May God give him the strength to push off from the bottom.

last try

Bah, all familiar faces! My Ksyusha has arrived. What for? Where to? “Doc-tok” – does this program still exist?

Photo: instagram.com@xenia_sobchak

COVID turned this program upside down, removed it to nothing. Instead of a reconstruction of a reality show, an informational and soothing show appeared with the dearest Lenochka Malysheva and understanding Gordon. They soothed us that it became scary. But what was Sobchak doing there?

She needed to get into the last car of TV only to promote her YouTube programs through this outdated media. There, on the Internet, all Sobchak you want: arrogant, caustic, talented, helpless, hypocritical and very bright. There she has projects for every taste, but here, in a box … Here is a format, don’t use foul language, a mortal melancholy.

But Ksyusha said “to my mother,” which means to my mother. She said: I will be on the First and became. Deserved by passing the spoiler alert for the presidential election. On you First, get it!

This time, opening the new season, she talked about the vaccine. About our vaccine. Already a bone of contention. All progressive people in the country who call themselves a liberal community do not take this vaccine to their hearts. If you agree to inject yourself with a vaccine, you cooperate with the “bloody regime.” It’s like Soviet dissidents used to say in the good old days: you go to a bakery – you already work for the Soviet regime.

Sobchak held the premiere with dignity, objectively, did not sell anything to anyone, tried to figure it out. But seriously, she, Urgant, Posner and a couple of other presenters are the last hope of TV, so as not to lag behind completely. And maybe even one last try. Otherwise, the difference, the discrepancy between the box and the 21st century will be a disaster.

Uncle Sasha

Alexander Rosenbaum turned out to be at Margulis’s “Kvartirnik”. With a guitar. And nothing else is needed.

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

There were only Odessa songs about Seeds. Which Rosenbaum had once refused, but then said that he was simply not understood. How can you give up your children, your beloved children?

It was such a thrill and such warmth, such a theatrical stylization. When Rosenbaum was just starting, he was called the second Vysotsky. There is no second Vysotsky! There is one Rosenbaum.

Yes, he loves power, respects, does not reread. Yes, I signed a collective letter against Khodorkovsky when asked. Yes, statesman. Patriot, Cossack, Jew. But when he takes a guitar, all this is forgotten, fades into the background. You just feel good – that’s all.

After the transfer, people wrote to him: Uncle Sasha. That is, a native person. Because Rosenbaum is the property of the republic. Rosenbaum is happiness.