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The VS clarified who and when should pay for the forensic examination

The party that loses in court does not always have to pay for a forensic examination – such an explanation was given by the RF Armed Forces.

The higher authority has resolved the dispute between the resident of St. Petersburg and the city hospital. The woman was suing the clinic because of poor quality medical care. Since the case for the judge at first instance seemed difficult, an expert examination was appointed. True, the patient did not ask for her. On the contrary, the lady did not want to delay the process and believed that there was already enough evidence and documents in the case, which she herself presented.

The result of the investigation was not in favor of the plaintiff. Moreover, the woman lost in fact twice. The court not only refused to award her compensation for what she thought was poor treatment, but also ordered her to pay for the work of forensic experts. This point in the decision finally finished off the Petersburg woman. She appealed against him and went through all the courts, but with a negative result. Themis’ servants reasoned as follows: since the plaintiff lost the case, then it was she who should fork out. But the sun turned out to be of a different opinion. If the court appointed the expert examination on its own initiative, and not at the request of the plaintiff or the defendant, it is impossible to shift the obligation to pay for the work of experts onto the shoulders of one of them. In this case, the specialists’ fee should be allocated from the treasury.